Monday, October 28, 2013

mitered granny square tote

                                        Mitered Granny totes side by side 

 Perrrrrrfect for all those carry-all things: yarn, hooks, books, WIPS and baby diapers too! I played with the lining, the brown tote has quilted lining, very basic quilting, but still broke the needle in three pieces, sometimes the sewing machine is gurgling or probably choking, I am a trying hard seamstress! But I have to put lining to my tote, I always believe it is prettier when fully lined, and I went overboard to do a quilted lining, isn't that ambitious! hehe

Okay, this pattern requires you to make squares first, and I owe the mitered granny square from this

Written pattern here:

If you wish to attach lining  visit this helpful blog

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Dune

Learning new stitch gives a thrill specially when it comes out very pretty like this tote I call "The Dune" it is like the Mohave desert, it also creates an illusion (the way I look at it). I call this spiky SC, is made on a row of 5 SC, in any chain amount in multiple of 5 (50,45,50,60,65 etc) build a row of 5, load new yarn and make the longest SC, going downward, pulling up a loop.

 For a base, I used red heart yarn super saver, it creates a very stiff piece.

 I want to make my project ultimately pretty by adding lining. There are many tutorials on how to make lining in You Tube, you can find one that you find useful. Before working the lining, I put a golden trimming to the lid of the bag, complimenting the middle section.

 One more exciting thing about this stitch, you can also do in Tunisian stitch, still, in multiple of 5 plus 1(11,16,21,26 etc.) and again, building a row of 6, so you will do a pass and forward 6 times, the best thing to learn it is watch video.

 This is the video in regular crochet