Fall Colors

 Earth-tone Crochet Vase

The surrounding is ardent, in every corner is the warm and inviting hues of burnt orange, Indian red, copper and yellow. I love Fall!

And as such, I created this sculpted vase of earth tone. Yes, I love earthly colors,so I carefully chose yarn with rustic look, and I got the perfect choice of Impeccable yarn-Tierra, available at Michael's
I mixed it with Red Heart super saver yarn-dark chocolate. I crocheted two strands together and the result, uber awesome! Very stiff, almost like a ceramic.

This is pure and tight SC all the way, with the help of floral wire, it surely is very stiff, not collapsing.  I included a video to help you start with the wire 

If you will do this project, you will need floral wire 22 gauge. It is also best to make your 2 skeins of yarn into one cake of yarn.

The pattern
This starts with a normal circle:                             
R1:  MR, CH1, 7 SC into ring, slst (8 sts.)
R2: Double each stitch, sl st (16 sts)
R3: INC. after 1 SC ( your CH1 after sl st is 1 SC then put 2
      SC in the next) all the way around, sl st.
R4: INC. after 2 SC, all the eay around, sl st.
R5: INC. after 3 SC, all the way around, sl st.
R6: INC. after 4 SC, all the eay around, sl st.
R7: INC. after 5 SC, all the way around, sl st.
R8-R20: SC all the way around, sl st.               (maintain  your tension
    and gauge)
R21: SC2tog after 6 SC, repeat all the way around, SC in the
    last stitch, al st.
R22: SC2tog after 4 SC, all the way around, sl st.
R23- R26 SC all the way around, sl st and Fasten Off (FO).

Okay, so now you have a vase, short vase, next time you go to the craft store, get some Fall themed decor to put into your vase, and voila, you have a desk decor!

Now, you don't have to worry what to give to your friends, you have one perfect gift idea, very easy to make and materials are not that expensive.

Sculpted Crochet earth-tone vase


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